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They Want the Fruit of My Trait but not My Trait

Welcome to my blog! This is my new special healing place where we can come and gather together, to share about who we are, and what we’re experiencing in the world. Because I know this is a special place and something to honor and cherish for myself and for all of you, I have been struggling for many months to figure out just how to do this blog justice. And as a result, I had been experiencing writers block. In the meantime though, I’ve had a good dose of humanity, which I can say with confidence has unblocked my writers block GREATLY.
I just got done watching a movie on called Sensitive, written and directed by Elaine Aron, author of The Highly Sensitive Person. Well known singer songwriter, Alanis Morissette, is featured in this documentary, which is what inspired this moment here. She described her earlier career as both a magical and also very difficult time in her life, being caught in between what she knew others wanted and needed of her and what she felt she was capab…

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