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Relationship & Communication

As promised, I'm here to talk about what most people don't want to talk about! I've been reflecting on the life moments that have spun me to where I am today, and how so many of us are defined by the so called "past". To me, life is relationship. In its many shapes and forms, it's here for us to learn about emotions and how to move with each other as we do with ourselves; and in the most graceful way we can manage. So many relationships in my life have proven to be more lessons about myself than the other. I've learned how to be more ME in the midst of both beautiful and troubling relationships. I've learned how to speak the truth with kindness and compassion, whether it is just acknowledging in the presence of just myself or whether it is to someone else. I look back on myself as a kid and how I felt this smallness about me. Though I always had friends, I felt out of place, and relationship was always a head scratcher. I felt the need to be the midd…

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