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Emotions & Your Inner Reactor

I want to ponder this subject, because there's a LOT going on in the world. A lot of anger, a lot of fear, and a lot of turbulence in our collective as a humanity as well as in our Earth. We have had some serious hurricanes recently, and I know this has everything to do with this anger energy that has just been out of control in our world.

There's a lot of people "reacting" instead of going inward and working on their own selves and their emotions. I see this happening so much and I see how it creeps into every day's not just "out there" in the world. It's happening in our families, and it's happening at the grocery store. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed by how much unhappiness there is in the world.

For example, I had to pass through a Walmart the other day, and I made a what probably seemed as a bold attempt to make conversation with the cashier. She seemed very surprised by my attempt at small talk. She didn't seem too inte…

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